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Zbigniew Grodzki.

Zbigniew (Zibi) is a Managing Director and Coach. He has coached and consulted in a wide range of communication and sales development related areas inclu---g Leadership, Sales and Team Development.

In addition to coaching sales executives, Zibi works with client teams to help them win business. This involves provi---g clients with professional bit team coaching and strategic planning based on Target Account Selling methodology, to assist them in retaining contracts in a competitive environment.

Prior to establishing a training and consulting company in 1997 in Poland, Zibi spent 3 years working at Price Waterhouse IPG as a freelance trainer, at Phare Programme as a marketing consultant and at World Bank as a sales consultant. His past roles include Sales Management for FMCG company and a few entrepreneurial projects in publishing and consulting as a business owner. His industry experience has given him a thorough understan---g of marketing and strategic sales development.

Core competencies:

• Consultant and Trainer in the Sales, Management and Marketing sectors
• Executive Coaching
• Project Management
• Train the Trainer

Previous industry experience:

• Banking
• IT
• Finance
• Telecom
• Pharma


• Masters in Business Administration for executives from US Pacific Lutheran University
• Graduate American Management Associates and Danish Technological Institute training programmes
• Business scholarships in New York, Chicago, Orlando, London and Lyon
• Certified Master TetraMap Facilitator
• Accredited coach of Target Account Selling
• Graduate in Material Science and Technology, Poland

Why clients should choose Zibi:

• You want your team to win business and retain contracts in a competitive environment.
• For his field experience in sales and sales management, which together with his coaching methods help him to build effective teams

What clients can expect from Zibi:

• Lively workshops, where he shares best practice in the field of coaching, sales management and customer service.


• Citibank
• Ericsson
• Microsoft
• Autodesk
• Pfizer
• Schering Plough
• BPH Bank
• Raiffeisen Bank
• Renault
• PZU Group
• Price Waterhouse IPG


• Polish

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