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There are times when a business leader needs an external view on his organization. Supporting business leaders in a “real-time” and down to earth approach is the mission of Business Brain Leader’s strategy practice. Over the years we have developed a solid auditing process that when combined with the business experience of our consultants enables us to assess almost any situation in a modern enterprise.

At Business BrainLeaders we strongly believe that supporting Performance Improvement cannot be improvised. In every mission we apply the same global approach, and through our Hoshin Kanri Continuous Improvement Process we make sure that what we learn during a client project is embedded in our practice and made available to our new clients.


It is our belief that by improving employee satisfaction business results will improve. Research has shown that employee satisfaction is mainly triggered by “pleasure at work”. At Business Brain Leaders we focus our action on your staff (management and employees). Through coaching and team buil---g we improve communication and interactions in your teams lea---g to performance improvement.

Over the years we have developed and tested a Business Brain Leaders specific approach to trigger behavioral change. Based on a platform of well proven simulations, we design a specific environment that will enable the teams to experiment without risk. Learning happening in the “gaming zone”, once transferred into reality, will foster new behaviors and improve performance.


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