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Sam Young.

Sam has 30+ years of technology experience and over 15 years of executive experience. He is able to integrate cross cultural teams to work effectively together. In the words of his clients: “Sam has the ability to quickly and accurately analyze and assess challenging complex situations and provide guidance and direction for the team.” (TL)  “At the core of who Sam is and all he does is a set of values and priorities that are clear and unwavering with time or circumstance.” (JJ)  “Sam is an insightful strategist with a steady vision demonstrating leadership paint a picture of a better tomorrow though influencing and jumping to new technology. Sam understands the impact that technology play in the organization which permits high order decision to be made, thus inspiring team to visualize a better way to positively impact the organization.” (SH)

Sam has successfully led teams and trained managers to lead teams with vast cultural differences - from India, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Korea, Palestine, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Italy, Canada, United States, and Mexico.

Core competencies:


Core competencies:

  • Workshop and coaching
  • Visionary - Innovator and Strategies
  • Change Navigator - Activator and Achiever
  • Process re-engineer and turnaround specialist
  • Kind, compassionate and understan---g

Previous Industry Experience:

  • Healthcare
  • Education and Non-Profit
  • Health Foods and Manufacturing
  • Internet and eCommerce
  • Hospitality
  • Large Technology Infrastructure


  • Master in Business Administration with emphasis in Finance
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Why clients should choose Sam:

  • Sam is prone to action, to move, to go, to commit. He is practical, but his wisdom supports his “why not now” sense of lea---g and motivating.
  • Sam is agile, adaptable and creative and invites people into innovative conversations, where productive ideas arise. He has the ability to manage those ideas to a positive results.
  • Sam is able to present vision and ideas to small and large audiences. He has the ability to capture their attention and make the idea stick after they leave the meeting.
  • Sam has sub-traits of integrity, trustworthiness and a strong work ethic which supports authenticity which is a critical leadership skill. One cannot lead effectively if they lack authenticity.

What clients can expect from Sam:

  • Ability to take a visionary approach to improve business processes/procedures (leveraging IT as a competitive advantage)
  • Ability to lead a group (with diverse background, interests, and skill level) in a very effective way that harnesses their talents.
  • Integrity and ability to get along with people.
  • Good communicator and champion for “customers” and seeing situations from the internal and external customer’s perspective.


  • Dr. John Thomas - Dean of School of Business, La Sierra University and Chief Financial Officer of Genelux Corp.
  • Mr. Steve Hale - Executive Vice President of Copernicus Corporation.
  • Dr. Maria Sulindro - Physician and President of eAntiAging, Inc.
  • Mr. Eugene Ung - President of Best Formulations, Inc. 

Fluent languages:

  • English
  • Cantonese
  • Mandarin



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