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Régis Archimbaud.

Specialising in personal and business growth, Régis has worked for more than 20 years in the professional world to support and enable change. He is capable of managing big complex situations and carrying responsibilities due to his in-depth experience in the airforce.

Régis is passionate about helping people to excel. His coaching expertise on an individual and team level is remarkable and highly appreciated in all the client organisations he supports.

Core competencies:

• Rapport buil---g
• Self-awareness
• Goals, values and beliefs
• Stress management
• Conflict management
• Effective communication
• Behaviour modelling
• Behaviour modification
• Gui---g action and reflection
• Challenging
• Relationship
• Self-management
• Listening / Questioning
• Feedback
• Action planning

Previous industry experience:

• French Air Force
• Dassault Aviation
• Airco
• Goodyear / Dunlop Tires France
• Education
• Commercial sector
• Jail environment


• Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master practitioner
• Erickson hypnosis Master Practitioner
• Neuro-Associative Conditioning (with Anthony Robbins)
• Generative coaching (with Robert Dilts & Stephen Gilligan)
• Emotional Freedom Techniques
• Unconscious Fears Identification Techniques

Why clients should chose Régis:

• Client satisfaction is his Nº1 priority. To be effective, the coach needs a know-how and high skills, associated to human knowledge around all aspects. Régis has that kind of profile due to his personal and business experiences. He is able to offer his clients all the qualities of an effective and enthusiastic coach, with high respect for the individuals.

• By working with Régis, you will develop additional resources to reach your objectives and manage necessary changes for measurable improvement.

What clients can expect from Régis:

• Respect
• Integrity
• Ethics
• Conviviality
• Transparency
• Efficient communication
• Maximize the potential
• Learn how to focus on the objective
• Avoid stresses

Fluent languages:

• French
• English

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