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Over the years we have discovered many tips and tricks in adult learning. We want to share these with you in many areas of interest: Coaching, Teaching, Teambuil---g and Games. This is still in the design stage so please be patient, we will open soon.
In several areas we are supported by very close partners: “Formanature” for our outdoor and first responder activities, “ICA” for our coaching programs, “Digidust” for social networks and “Andragos” for program design.  More Than Just a PA (www.MoreThanJustaPA.co.uk) provides all our business support for all our international activities
Simulations and Games are at the core of our teambuil---g activities. From Bridges over the River Kwai, to the “Race” all our games and simulations are designed to allow participants to enter the “magic circle” the place where all mistakes are possible … and where change can happen without harm… Our coaches will support your teams to move out of the circle into the business reality
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