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Mario Greefhorst.

Mario has a lot of experience in the commercial and management area. He worked as an independent sales consultant for several companies, business to business as well as business to consumer. In 1991, he started working with an international training organisation focusing on effective personal leadership. He learnt a lot about human potential and used this knowledge in 1995 to help buil---g a Dutch sales organisation for an American company. Besides his commercial activities, Mario was getting ready to be a trainer himself. It was in 1996 that Mario delivered his first official training for a well-known Dutch company, KPN. Many followed.

From 1997 until 2002, Mario worked for a Dutch training organisation where he became team leader. He hired and trained many trainers and presenters. Beside that he developed and delivered many training programmes in the field of sales, leadership, management and communication skills.

It wasn’t until 2002 that he decided to found his own training company and has subsequently trained thousands of people from close to a hundred companies. His training method is confronting yet respectful, humorous yet focused on results. He trains directors, managers, sales teams, project leaders and others to help them reach their goals and become even better at what they do. His clients are very enthusiastic about the way he works because they very often ask him to train more people in their organisation.

Core competencies:

• Communication skills
• Personal Development
• Sales
• Coaching

Previous industry experience:

• Sales
• Corporate development
• Personal development
• Banking & Insurance


• Coaching

Why clients should choose Mario:

Mario delivers. He takes away resistance toward training very effectively. He makes the students feel responsible for their own education/development. He is flexible but always keeps his mind on the result. And also: time flies during his sessions. People go home with a smile and a lot to work with.

What clients can expect from Mario:

• Enthusiasm
• Commitment
• Confidentiality
• Experience
• Humour
• Flexibility
• Results


• Imtech
• United Retail
• Saturn
• Brunel
• Philips
• Nuon
• Texaco
• BP
• Mars
• Stork
• Miele
• LG Electronics
• Group4Securicor


• Dutch
• English

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