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Lisa Danels.

As a Leadership and Organizational Development expert and Executive Coach, Lisa Danels is committed to developing effective leaders who engage employees by bringing out their personal best and driving business results. Lisa’s insights and skill are informed by over 19 years of experience in leadership and talent management and professional and organizational development with Fortune 500 companies. In her work, she applies Systems Thinking and combines the latest research, practical knowledge, and creativity to produce results that have a significant impact.

Drawing upon her deep understan---g of human and organizational behavior, Lisa partners with clients to design and deliver high-impact, result-oriented interventions that shape culture and drive organizational performance. Whether working with an individual, a team, or a broader function or organization, Lisa leads her clients towards solutions and actions that create business success.

Lisa is dedicated to giving back to the community and volunteers yearly for Junior Achievement. She writes and creates personal development workshops to enable people to find their own personal success. In her free time she spends time with friends and family, practicing yoga, skiing, creating mosaics, and traveling the world.

Core competencies:

• Performance management
• Leadership development
• Competency management
• 360 feedback

Previous industry experience:

• Banking and Finance
• Pharmaceutical
• Legal
• Insurance


• Certified as an Executive Coach and Senn-Delaney facilitator
• Qualified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and certified in the Motivational Questionnaire
• through SHL and Hogan Assessments.
• Masters Degree in Organizational Development and Human Resource Management from New
• York University
• B.A. in Interdisciplinary Public Policy and administration with a concentration in international
• business from University of New York at Buffalo.

What clients can expect from Lisa:

• Her thoughtful, probing approach coupled with her business acumen focuses individuals on the behaviors and actions required to get results, whether setting strategic direction, buil---g a winning team, or achieving exceptional performance.


• American Express,
• P Morgan
• Chase
• Kinkos
• Merrill Lynch
• Philips International
• Pfizer.
• MetLife


• English

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