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Joseph Geraghty.

Joseph Geraghty is founder of School of Mastery for Entrepreneurs which he founded in 2004 when he and his wife returned to Ireland. Essentially he has been a self-employed entrepreneur for over forty years and understands intimately the trials and challenges faced in developing a business at all levels.

Joseph’s speciality is helping entrepreneurs transform their business from micro to macro. As a qualified facilitator in Emotional Intelligence (EI) he teaches how to use EI as a Meta Skill for 21st Century entrepreneurs, facilitating mindset change and breaking the myth of limits.

Core competencies:

• Mindset Mastery
• Transformational Leadership

Previous industry experience:

• Retail and Distribution Management
• Direct Sales and Management
• Health Clinic
• SME’s


• Accredited Emotional Intelligence Facilitator and Change Master
• B.A. (Hons) Human Resources
• Counselling

Why clients should chose Joseph:

• He fully understands the process of deep change and the need to create the optimal conditions for transforming business beyond limits.

What clients can expect from Joseph:

• Clients can expect 100% authenticity.
• Can quickly get to the heart of the matter to facilitate deep change.
• The main benefit for clients is that they will learn and apply the key principles of coaching for change. They learn the art of empowering engagement.

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