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Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu, also known as John, is a business coach and senior consultant, who brings over 15 years of practical training, coaching and consulting experience and over 500 working teams’ real life successes.

John has many years of business experience. He began his human resource development career in the mid-1990’s and since has worked for and managed several training and consulting companies. He also obtained his extensive corporate experience from his national training manager position at a large production enterprise, responsible for 1,000 employee’s development.

He founded his own training company in 2004 before merging it with two other companies in 2006. As a pioneer in the training and development industry in China, he has adapted numerous programs designed over-seas for implementation in China. Meanwhile, most of his designed and facilitated training programs are based on clients’ specific business needs. In 2005, he and his partner published a book to guide team builders for doing their job better in the China market. By applying the “Accelerated Learning” concept to his training services, he turned the traditional training programs into learner-centred development interventions.

John’s experience as a business coach leads him to realize the importance of the human spirit and that true potential is usually underestimated. He enjoys the interactions to unleash his clients’ future possibilities and potentials. He works to accelerate talent development with both training and coaching interventions integrated into leadership development programs. His coaching clients are mostly the local managers working for MNCs, on topics like leadership, team management and sales performance enhancement.

Core competencies:

• Intercultural
• Communication
• Leadership development
• Engagement
• Team synergy
• Team management
• Sales performance enhancement


• President of International Association of Coaches (IAC) Shanghai chapter.
• ICF ACTP certified Coach,
• MBTI, LPI, BELBIN, and DISC certified Administrator and Facilitator
• Member of ICF, IAC, APAC, and ASTD


• English
• Chinese

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