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Elizabeth Handover.

Elizabeth is a highly experienced consultant and trainer based in Tokyo with long-term expertise of leadership and personal development in Japan. Strongly committed to developing positive people-focused leadership skills she has designed and facilitated many programmes to meet the particular challenges that Japan-based organisations face in the fast changing global business environment.

Elizabeth partners with clients to develop higher leadership competencies through raising self-awareness, highlighting key strengths, increasing communication skills and fostering stronger team relationships.

Core competencies

• Leadership
• Teamwork
• Diversity
• Employee engagement
• Talent development
• Management skills
• Conflict management
• Presentation Skills
• Coaching

Previous industry experience:

• Finance
• Pharmaceuticals
• IT
• Manufacturing
• Law


• Certified Presentation Skills trainer
• Discovery certified trainer
• Discovery Sales Effectiveness certified trainer
• Trained in Co-Active, Ontological, Systems, Process, Relational Coaching and Action Learning methods
• Degrees in Theatre and Drama Performance and Teaching
• Adjunct Lecturer of Hitotsubashi University MBA programme
• Founder of Developing the Potential of Women In the Workforce Seminars
• Member of American Chamber of Commerce in Japan, British Chamber of Commerce in Japan
• Vice-Chair of the ACCJ CSR Committee
• Advisor and contributor to the Real Voices, Real Japan Online Forum
• Official Mentor of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneurship Mentoring Initiative
• Member of the Women Executives of Japan
• Member of Women in Finance, Foreign Women Lawyers Association, Entrepreneurs Association

Why clients should choose Elizabeth:

• Elizabeth brings unique competencies to the training field from her background in theatre combined with her qualifications in communication, personality and behaviour. She uses these skills to powerful effect in coaching leaders to understand their behavioural styles and adapt these to bring effective and positive impact and increased productivity.
• Elizabeth believes that effective change takes place most effectively through experiential and practical learning and designs highly interactive and dynamic programmes and workshops.
• Highly committed to enabling higher employee engagement she works closely with managers at all levels to gain a more motivational people-focused and coaching management style.
• A charismatic presenter and powerful speaker, she also contributes frequently to entrepreneurship and women’s leadership initiatives, seminars and conferences in Japan.

What clients can expect from Elizabeth:

• An engaging and dynamic facilitator, able to respond in the moment to any and every situation in the training environment, Elizabeth energises and motivates participants to actively challenge themselves to achieve authentic change.

Fluent languages:

• English
• Japanese
• French

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