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Caryn Conidaris and Team.

Why should the Tiger Woods of the world be the only ones to get coaching? Just because there’s no field or net doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t benefit from a little cheering and guidance from the sidelines.

Executive Coaching has become a hot topic and a highly beneficial developmental process. It is becoming a key requirement in the toolkit of leaders and managers who wish to develop the perspective and skills needed in changing conditions.

Caryn and her team are committed to help create a more successful business by improving executive leadership effectiveness, and strengthening team and organisational performance, through learning and coaching interventions.

Caryn has a diverse pool of learning programmes that can assist in the development and training of individuals with the aim to achieve a common goal or develop specific skills and specialise also in Team Coaching and Coaching Workshops.

Core competencies:

• Mindset Programmes:

  • Caryn’s team delivers unique programmes that optimise the performance of every delegate. Individuals are enabled to explore their beliefs, attitudes and behaviours; empowered to release their full potential; and inspired to achieve outstan---g, sustainable results.
  • The team’s approach is to act as a catalyst in creating an emotional connection between the workforce and key objectives of the team /organisation. This enables people to be engaged at many levels.
  • They believe that to make Change successful, it is not about what you know, but all about what you do with what you know – the blend of skills with attitude.
  • By utilizing the very best world wide theories and methodologies, the right philosophy is cultivated and the programmes create a supportive environment where participants can view change as an opportunity rather than a loss. It encourages them to consider new ways of working, try new approaches, question their perceptions of what is possible, and take action. A trademark of the training processes is ease and simplicity.
  • Optimising your EI and Personal Performance
  • Coaching for Performance Excellence
  • Critical Business Communications
  • Lea---g with Emotional Intelligence
  • Powerful Presentations


• Leadership Development

  • The different layers in an organisation are accountable for different results. These results change dramatically as one moves from layer to layer and therefore people need new skills, people’s time has to be used differently, and people must learn to value the new work.
  • Changing results requires changing: Skill Requirements: New capabilities required to execute new responsibilities; Work Values: New beliefs about what is important – becoming the focus of effort; Time Application: New time frames – that govern how one works
  • Our skills Leadership Development is categorized based on the layers where people need different types of skills.


• Managing Self

  • Personal Mastery
  • Business Calculations
  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Personal Development
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Negotiation Skills


• Managing Others

  • Leadership Philosophy
  • Leadership Principles
  • People Management
  • Constructive Conflict
  • Change Management for Change Agents
  • Project Management
  • Performance Management
  • Lea---g Teams
  • Exploring Diversity
  • Effective Meetings
  • Mentorship
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Recruiting for Talent


• Managing Managers

  • Transformational Leadership
  • Strategic Management
  • HR Strategic Management
  • Time Management for Executives


• Organisation Development and Change Management

  • Organisation Development Theory
  • Organisation Development Value Chain
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Organisational Initiatives


What clients can expect from Caryn and her team:

• Experiencing their programmes, delegates change – sustainably
• No matter what delegates’ background, learning style, or attitude, when they experience our sessions, they will walk away with a thorough understan---g of the topic and have the confidence and appetite to apply what they have learnt
• They provide skills and opportunities to practice new behaviours required
• They enable managers to coach
• They begin the journey for becoming an executive coach
• They provide the process and framework for implementing coaching on an organisational basis

Why clients should choose Caryn’s team:

• Caryn’s team provide a wide variety of problem tools and techniques, based on research and practicality, that promote and sustain active learning
• They have extensive experience in learning and coaching solutions
• They are an Accredited Training Provider in South Africa
• They are flexible and adaptable accor---g to the changing needs of a client
• They implement coaching solutions on an organisational basis
• They provide individual and team coaching
• They facilitate coaching workshops


• South African National Blood Service
• South African Airways
• Cell C
• Nedbank
• Cargo Carriers
• I-Net Bridge, to name a few

Fluent languages:


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