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Ben Guyat.

Ben helps individuals create change and perform at their very best.

At the core of every team, management setup, corporation and company, no matter how big or small, are individuals. To make anything work, especially in business, individuals must feel connected; firstly to themselves and then to the business as a whole. This is the gui---g principle behind all Ben’s coaching work.

Success is so much easier to achieve when people have a genuine strong connection with the work they do and a clear understan---g of how that fits in with the bigger picture of their lives. Ben specialises in working with individuals, and small to medium-sized businesses, to help them understand their own mindset and strengths to then enable them to achieve this necessary connection.

He also specialises in the creation of online video coaching and training programs for companies, designed specifically to a company’s needs, and which can provide a uniform approach to delivering coaching material easily to ALL staff members.

Ben is a passionate, world class freediver, who has dived to beyond 80 metres on a single breath and he has coached individuals to achieve national and world records within the sport.

Core competencies:

• Workshop delivery
• Individual and group coaching
• DISC profiling
• Development of online video coaching/training platforms

Previous industry experience:

• Automotive (Lotus cars)
• Construction Industry
• Dive leadership development


• Masters Degree in Engineering (design and materials)
• Master practitioner of NLP
• Diploma in Motivational Method Coaching
• Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy
• AIDA Freediving Coach and Instructor

Why clients should choose Ben?

• He helps create movement and change with individuals and teams
• He helps people to develop a more profound sense of why a team, business goals or desired outcome has to be embraced by every individual
• His clients learn to find harmony and connection to their work, which increases positivity, wellbeing, passion, innovation, productivity and customer satisfaction

What clients can expect from Ben:

• Deeper insights into your own mindset and how that affects your work and the business you are in
• To learn with a sense of passion and humour
• His commitment to your goals and development

Fluent languages:

• English

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