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Anne Clews.

Anne is an experienced and highly regarded trainer and facilitator. In 1995 Anne set up her own training consultancy, and has been a successful facilitator delivering development programmes inclu---g, management, sales & service, team and leadership.

In 2005, Anne acquired the license for a New Zealand based Model of Behaviour called TetraMap® and has been instrumental in the growth of the business in the UK. Anne believes that long term sustainable growth within organisations can only be achieved through the people working within them, and therefore, looking after the greatest asset is crucial. The key messages of sustainability, inter-dependence and synergy are at the centre of Anne’s core values and are reflected in the relationships she develops.

Core competencies:

• leadership development
• facilitation of groups
• organizational change
• coaching
• teambuil---g
• culture change

Previous industry experience:

• Banking and Insurance
• Finance and Insurance industry
• Retail inclu---g Motor, Contact Centres (to name a few)


• Associate CIPD
• TetraMap Master Facilitator
Why clients should choose Anne:

• Anne has a sound knowledge grown from practical experience working as a trainer and facilitator with a wide range of clients across a variety of business sectors. She has the ability to help others discover their true potential so they can perform at their best.

What clients can expect from Anne:

• Professional and experienced facilitator who inspires others to make a difference.


• English

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