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Andreas Leipelt.

Being a communication scientist since 1995, Andreas focuses on professional and efficient communication as THE important key-aspect in change processes. After six years of consultancy in New Media agencies, he began training leaders to improve their communication styles and build powerful communication structures. More than ten years’ experience in leadership development, change management and teambuil---g has proven the importance of excellent communication in these fields. (More than ten years of marriage and raising children proved that evidence as well.)

Andreas assists in buil---g up change architectures – he works with small as well as with large groups, whether it is a 2-hours kickoff-workshop, a 3-day Open Space Conference, a 1-day-training or a 2-year process.

Core competencies:

• Leadership Development
• Process Consulting
• Change Management
• Team Buil---g
• Group Facilitation

Previous industry experience:

• Communications, Creative Industries
• Education, Non Profit Organisations,
• Financial Services, Information Services (IT)
• Pharmaceuticals, Power Supply Industry


• Systemic Organisational Development
• Idea Management -Trainer
• Masters degree in communication science

Why clients should choose Andreas:

• authentic, enthusiastic and energetic
• ambitious in fin---g the best solution
• people-focussed and process-orientated

What clients can expect from Andreas:

• interactive and motivating workshop environments
• experience-based learning settings
• holistic approach due to a systemic view on organisations
• efficient interventions to initiate and stabilize sustainable change


• Berlin Chemie
• Siemens AG
• Allianz Group
• Lexware
• Roland Berger Foundation
• Swiss training Center WBZ (Schweizer Weiterbildungszentrale)
• Governmental Departments of Education (Berlin, Brandenburg, Sachsen)
• LISUM Berlin Brandenburg
• Sächsisches Bildungsinstitut


• German
• English

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