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Zbigniew Grodzki.


Zbigniew (Zibi) is a Managing Director and Coach. He has coached and consulted in a wide range of communication and sales development related areas including Leadership, Sales and Team Development.

In addition to coaching sales executives, Zibi works with client teams to help them win business. This involves providing clients with professional bit team coaching and strategic planning based on Target Account Selling methodology, to assist them in retaining contracts in a competitive environment.

Prior to establishing a training and consulting company in 1997 in Poland, Zibi spent 3 years working at Price Waterhouse IPG as a freelance trainer, at Phare Programme as a marketing consultant and at World Bank as a sales consultant. His past roles include Sales Management for FMCG company and a few entrepreneurial projects in publishing and consulting as a business owner. His industry experience has given him a thorough understanding of marketing and strategic sales development.

Core competencies:

• Consultant and Trainer in the Sales, Management and Marketing sectors
• Executive Coaching
• Project Management
• Train the Trainer

Previous industry experience:

• Banking
• IT
• Finance
• Telecom
• Pharma


• Masters in Business Administration for executives from US Pacific Lutheran University
• Graduate American Management Associates and Danish Technological Institute training programmes
• Business scholarships in New York, Chicago, Orlando, London and Lyon
• Certified Master TetraMap Facilitator
• Accredited coach of Target Account Selling
• Graduate in Material Science and Technology, Poland

Why clients should choose Zibi:

• You want your team to win business and retain contracts in a competitive environment.
• For his field experience in sales and sales management, which together with his coaching methods help him to build effective teams

What clients can expect from Zibi:

• Lively workshops, where he shares best practice in the field of coaching, sales management and customer service.


• Citibank
• Ericsson
• Microsoft
• Autodesk
• Pfizer
• Schering Plough
• BPH Bank
• Raiffeisen Bank
• Renault
• PZU Group
• Price Waterhouse IPG


• Polish

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