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Rachel Guyat.

Business & Project Manager


Rachel Guyat works alongside Thomas Orths as the Business / Project Manager ensuring the smooth running of WLC-Consulting both from an operational and administration point of view.  Rachel has a great understanding of the philosophy behind the company, namely “to enable others to grow”.  She ensures this by creating great working relationships with the clients, gaining their trust and always being there providing support to clients in whatever way is needed.

Her background is within the field of Contracts Management within pharmaceutical and occupational health companies, and she has worked on several global projects coordinating different teams, ensuring effective communication and reporting in order to bring about the successful completion of projects.  She has been a member of several senior management teams and has had the chance to contribute to the success of their respective businesses.

In her free time Rachel plays the violin (quite well….), the piano (quite badly….) and enjoys skiing and freediving. She also enjoys making the most of walking on Dartmoor which is on her doorstep.

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